BermudaLEADS Entrepreneurial Leadership Summit
Creating Possibilities and Actualizing Them
Inspiring Innovation

Leadership, Engagement, Actualization, Development & Strategy.

Benedict Associates Ltd is excited to launch their BermudaLEADS Summit series focused on Entrepreneurial Leadership. In the new era of rapid change and knowledge-based enterprises, managerial work becomes increasingly a leadership endeavour. Leadership is a dynamic concept that starts at the individual level and extends to the organization and beyond. Leadership is the primary force behind successful change for the future. Entrepreneurial Leadership is vital in engineering environments that facilitate creative mindsets and to empower employees to act on the corporate ‘vision’.

In the increasingly turbulent and competitive environment firms face today, a new breed of “entrepreneurial” leader distinct from other behavioral forms of managerial leadership is required (Kotelnikov, 2017). Research demonstrates that when effectively implemented, Entrepreneurial Leadership can boost your competitive advantage.

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Event speakers

The Honourable David Burt, J.P., M.P., Premier and Minister of Finance, Government of Bermuda – Opening Address

Professor Chris Roebuck, Keynote – Entrepreneurial Leadership Expert

Kendaree Burgess, Executive Director, Bermuda Chamber of Commerce

Stuart Lacey, CEO & Founder, Trunomi

Jason D’General Sukdeo, CEO & Founder, Bermuda Heroes Weekend

Maria Marsh, Human Capital Director and Principal at Nephila Capital Ltd.

Michael Branco, CEO & Founder Ptix, Fireminds

Kristin White, Storyteller & Dreamer, Long Story Short

Dominique Hussey, Canadian Lawyer, Bennett Jones LLP, Intellectual Property Expert

Reverend Jeffrey Brown, Keynote – Co-founder of ‘My City at Peace’ & Speaker on Collaborative Leadership and Community Building & Architect for The Boston Miracle

John Narraway – Consultant for Emerging Technologies, Bermuda Business Development Agency

The Story Behind BermudaLEADS.

The BermudaLEADS Summit series was introduced to create a “Thinkspace” and “Sharespace” for industry leaders AND UP AND COMING leaders in response to emerging organizational and workforce topics. LEADS represents the complex pillars of human capital development and organizational strategy including:
Leadership, Engagement, Actualization, Development and Strategy.

Synergistically, the pillars can engineer the most optimal corporate culture, enabling your organization to continue to flourish, and your employees to thrive.
BermudaLEADS aim is to make a real difference in your growth mindset and career and offers hope in altering the attitude of how information flows. Our aspiration is that this will encourage more movement up, more information shifted effectively down, and a lot more information spread across the workplace.

The ideology is designed to:
● serve as a powerful catalyst to align leaders
● develop solutions to challenges
● introduce new strategies
● fuel alliances across the organization

BermudaLEADS offers exceptional opportunities to harness the collective expertise of cutting-edge leaders on the rock, those that lead on and off-island, as well as those trailblazers operating in the international sphere. The objective is to evolve genuine and productive conversations with  hundreds of people in one epoch and generate a lifelong learning community, by engaging participants in real life and future inspired solutions in the workplace. Our philosophy is to design and execute a meeting of minds which can allow organizations to come alive in what is quintessentially a series of structured conversations, precisely orchestrated to generate ideas, alignment, and perhaps even provide surprising shifts in paradigms along the way. We look forward to seeing you,

The BermudaLEADS team
Jennifer Card, Kelly Reeves, Vaughn Mosher & Helen Orchard

Unique & savvy ideas for all entrepreneurial leaders.

The first in the BermudaLEADS Summit Series is the ‘Entrepreneurial Leadership Summit’. The conference covers topics, tactics and techniques in entrepreneurial leadership including:

  • engineering growth-mindsets in goal setting
  • increasing employee resiliency
  • sparking motivation and creativity
  • navigating risk
  • taking responsibility
  • fine-tuning to operationalise processes
  • honing in on strengths through self-awareness

Research from education experts who have studied industry leaders and studied the global workforce at large, has identified seven essential survival skills of the future. Leadership and Entrepreneurialism are two of these skills and mindsets which must be infused into the workplace to develop people towards their full potential. Leadership among a team is no longer about commanding with top-down authority, but rather about leading by influence. Ultimately “It’s about how citizens make change today in their local communities—by trying to influence diverse groups and then creating alliances of groups who work together toward a common goal.” (Wagner, 2017). Entrepreneurialism is also a necessary skill as research shows business leaders are struggling to find employees who consistently “seek out new opportunities, ideas and strategies for improvement.” (Wagner, 2017).

BermudaLEADS offers hope in altering the mindset of how information flows. Our aspiration is that this will encourage more movement up, more information shifted effectively down, and a lot more information spread across the workplace. We aim to make BermudaLEADS summits one of the high points of your professional development and one that positively makes a real difference in your growth mindset and career. With a wealth of valuable input and considerable investment in selecting diverse, inspiring and motivating leaders, we seek to increase enthusiasm with each succeeding summit and provide valid and strategically significant concepts and knowledge for everyone.

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Held at the Hamilton Princess on March 23rd & March 24th. Local and international attendees will come together to engage in a discussion, and hear from seasoned professionals about entrepreneurial leadership including the: challenges, opportunities, successes and possibilities for innovation and growth.

Following the event will be a cocktail reception and networking opportunity.

Tickets: March 23rd speakers event including: breakfast, lunch and cocktail reception: $395

Ticket price for both March 23rd and Masterclass on March 24th $475

Special Room rate is available – quote the Entrepreneurial Leadership Summit for a reduced rate. Email:

Hamilton Princess, Bermuda

76 Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke
HM 08